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Maple & Spruce brings the violin shop to you!

Our luthiers make regular visits to your music hub on predetermined meeting dates so renting a violin and finding repair solutions is easy and enjoyable.


Meeting dates are when rental violins are distributed, exchanged, or returned.

Our outfits include a professionally set up violin, bow, case, rosin, cleaning cloth, case tag, and violin blanket. 

The monthly rental fee includes all regular maintenance, minor accident repairs and the replacement of strings. 

Rental payments are made monthly on the first of the month via Zelle. 


Receive a 10% discount after each full year of rental up to three years (30%) for a new violin outfit.

Ready to get Started?

Prescheduled meeting dates are when we distribute, exchange, or return instruments.

Ready to Return?

Prepare your violin by following the "Ready to Return" Steps below.

Ready to Purchase?

Receive discounts after each full year of rental.

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